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Are Independent Contractors Eligible for Paycheck Protection Program?

An estimated 10.6 million Americans work as independent contractors in the United States, with 15% being in Virginia. As a result, many Virginians and supporting areas...
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When Can Americans Expect the Stimulus Check: Deposit Date How and When Should I expect my stimulus payment? On April 4, 2020, TurboTax partnered with the IRS and launched its new portal for...
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I wasn’t prepared for the shutdown, what are my options as a small business owner?

In just a few short weeks, the novel Coronavirus has changed the way business owners operate. From small restaurants to corporate businesses, companies are learning...
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How We Went Remote In Coronavirus Era

All over the world companies are affected by Coronavirus outbreak. With the government guidelines, US small businesses also go through a very difficult time. All...
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Support Impacted Virginians; New Solutions to Combat COVID-19

The questions everyone has been asking. Governor Northam updates Virginians on the adherence to the employer and employee support, quarantine for high-risk individuals, and relief...
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Coronavirus Tax News

IRS As speculations arise on extension of April 15 tax deadline, the IRS established a special section on the website to focus on coronavirus related...
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Categorizing your deductible business expenses made easy

Categorizing Your Deductible Business Expenses Made Easy Every business has expenses. When it comes to taxes, some of these can be deducted fully, others can...
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Less stress and more success with proper financial planning

Less Stress and More Success with Proper Financial Planning The Motley Fool (an investment advice website) reported in a 2019 article that one in five...
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Why it’s best to leave payroll to the pros

If you’re a small business, we don’t need to tell you that paying your employees every pay period is probably your largest regular expense. We...
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